The UK Surgeon Website

The UK Surgeon Website is created by surgeons for the benefit of both patients and surgeons by putting you in touch with each other.

You can search for a Consultant Surgeon near you by location or postcode or find out more about specific disease and surgical specialities.
Increasingly, patients are being given choice over their treatment both in terms of which hospital but also which Consultant. This was laid out in the Government White Papers concerning reforming the NHS. This choice is not meant to take anything away from your General Practitioner but is more to complement the referral process so that you can be treated in the hospital of your choice and in most cases by the Consultant of your choice. Increasingly Consultants in private practice are seeing NHS patients in their private clinics as choose and book patients.
If you want treatment in the NHS then more information is provided on the NHS Choose and Book website where you can get information concerning hospitals and treatments within the NHS.
If you are privately insured or wish to be seen privately then this website will help you or your G.P. to locate Consultant Surgeons providing private surgical treatment in the UK. Commonly an initial consultation with a Consultant Surgeon costs less than £200 and even if you are not insured may help to either put your mind at rest or start investigation or treatment promptly.